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May. 30th, 2008

gotta fly


For anyone who enjoys reading the posts on ScifiRogue, ScifiRogue_Kane, or Dragon_McBain, all three of these pages are no longer going to be used, both Dragon an Raven McBain (Or Patty and Eli, depending how you know them) have decided to scrap these pages and will probably (not definatly at this point just probably,) take of the entries posted on them. We're both sorry for the inconvienince, if you wish you can re-friend us on our new page eternal_flyers, again we are sorry for any inconvienience.
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May. 14th, 2008

Hawkes/Danny, Dancing with the Fishes

Outlet for the Pain

Title: Outlet for the Pain
Author: Raven_Mcbain
dedicated to: kellysparrow faerie_lullaby lexxiescott raingoddess2040
Rating: FRT
Show: CSI: NY
Pairing: Danny Messer / Sheldon Hawkes
Characters: Danny, Hawkes, mention of Lindsay and Rikki
Word count: 300+
Content Warning: slash, sexual mentions, angst, unusual narrative structure
Spoilers: Child’s Play
Prompt: one night stand
Summary: While you do not want to wake up with a hangover and a stranger in your bed, it’s even worse to wake up with a hangover and a friend in your bed, not to mention, no memory of thew night before.
Authors Notes: This is one of my prompts from my challenge. I turned twenty-one today, go me.
Danny woke up with a killer headache, and no memory of what happened the night beforeCollapse )

Apr. 24th, 2008


Last Fatal Mistake

Title: Last Fatal Mistake
Author: Raven_Mcbain
Rating: FRAO
Pairing: Horatio/Eric, brief past tense mention of Horatio/Marisol
Characters: Horatio, Eric
Content Warning: slash, Dark, character death, unusual narrative set up
Spoilers: "One of our own"/"Rio", "Ambush"/"All In", "To Kill a Predator"
Summary: Horatio agreed to continue playing nice and then Eric died and all bets were off.
Authors notes: There was a bit of a whooops on the summery before but I have fixed it.

Miami' criminals made a mistake and unleashed their worst nightmareCollapse )

Mar. 25th, 2008

gotta fly

Flyer's snippits

Fear of the pastCollapse )

Never look BackCollapse )

I'm not Running - Not this TimeCollapse )

Anger of the pastCollapse )

Mar. 18th, 2008

gotta fly

CSI: Miami ficlet

They hadn't spoken to each other in almost a month, well lately they would speak about cases, but even then they would attempt to filter it through others, but it wasn't like before. Watching them now you would never believe that they had once been best friends, that she had once secretly believed that they were more. They didn't talk about what happened, asking her to drop it, leave it alone, that it was none of her concern as the tension in the lab built to insurmountable levels. She couldn't let it go, if for no other reason was a well functioning working environment. She wasn't being nosy she just wanted her two friends to be happy again, one residing in a preferment brood, only leavening it to slice someone with sarcasm (ok so maybe that wasn't completely out of character, but he was worse then normal), the other was on fire, burning everything within reach, only settling down to hide where he thought no one could find him. She could tell that neither slept, that eating was falling on the wayside. One was making work, the other was letting it slip. And she was in the middle of their fued, they were her brothers and they were hurting, plus what with them not speaking she became the fricking go between. Their boss believed that their personal business, was their personal business, but it was affecting crime scenes, affecting the running of his lab. He'd tried letting it blow over and it got worse, he tried asking about it and he was stone walled, finally he informed them to keep it off the job and things had mellowed a bit. Now they were working, but they were still falling apart. She had tried talking to 'mama' but she had simply shook her head. She too had tried, threated, smacked them on the back of the head, practically sat on them to take better care of themselves, but nothing was working. Something was wrong and only the two men knew what it was and neither one was talking.

Mar. 10th, 2008

gotta fly

personal fic challenge

Alright I was board so I decided to grab the first 40 matches out of the almost totally random pairing generator, then narrow it down to my fave 20, then ask which five that you guys think I should do a SHORT drabble about. I shall pick the five with the most votes (sorting with personal preference if there is a tie)I found three more I really like and have added them.
here they are
pairings under cut, it took me this long to realize that they weren’t under oneCollapse )

Feb. 25th, 2008

gotta fly

Hopeless Eyes

Title: Hopeless Eyes
Author: ScifiRogue_Kane
Rating: FRT
Pairing: Speed/Eric, past tense Horatio/Speed/Eric
Characters: Eric, Horatio, Speed
Content Warning: slash, mentions of cheating partners, short
Spoilers: set before Lost Son, based on raingoddess2040 fic “Unbidden Reflection” directly inspired by the line “He saw them again and this time he saw his youngest lover’s eyes looking at him with hope before their other lover pulled him away.”
Summary: Speed tries to comfort Eric.
Authors Notes: I have read “Unbidden Reflection” far too many times. No actually it’s greatness and you must read it. Here is the link http://raingoddess2040.livejournal.com/11027.html#cutid1

Speed felt his heart constrict as they walked by Horatio’s office and he say the hope in Eric’s eyes. He hated how Horatio still had the power to affect them this way.Collapse )

Feb. 14th, 2008

gotta fly

Blue Valentine

Title: Blue Valentine
Author: Raven_McBain
dedicated to my lovely Beta Dragon
Rating: FRT
Pairing: Speed/Eric, Ryan/Eric
Characters: Eric, Ryan, mentions of Speed
Content Warning: slash, mentions of canon character death
Spoilers: mentions of Lost Son, Driven, One of our own and Man Down
Summary: Ryan was Eric's first living Valentine in years.
Authors Notes: Here Dragon this is proof that I didn't completely forget about Valentine's Day. This is so not my usual pairing so please be kind. Ending is open ended, and I'm worried it might be a tad awkward, but again, this is not my pairing.

They were both shifting awkwardly in their seats and neither had touched their mealCollapse )

Nov. 27th, 2007

gotta fly

Losing Sight

Title: Losing Sight
Author: ScifiRogue_Kane
Rating: FRT
Pairing: past tense Horatio/Speed, Speed/Eric, Horatio/Eric
Characters: Eric, Horatio, mentions of Speed, vague mentions of the rest of the team.
Content Warning: slash, cheating partners, mentions of canon character death, slightly au, abit OOC (I think)
Spoilers: set right after Lost Son
Summary: Eric didn’t know how to grieve. He didn’t even know if he had the right to.
Authors Notes: I’m BACK!! I know we recently found out that Speed's locker wasn't cleaned out but I liked the imagery.

Eric stood back as he watched Horatio grieved for his lover, unable to help his friend in any wayCollapse )

Nov. 12th, 2007

temptation, crossover


Title: drabble responses
Author: Raven_McBain
Dedication: my lovely beta Dragon and my pushy fan RainGoddesss
Rating: FRT
Pairing: surprise pairing, Horatio/Eric, Ryan/Horatio, implications of Speed/Eric and Hawkes/Eric
Characters: Eric, Horatio, Hawkes, Ryan, mentions of surprise character, Stella, Danny, Speed and Alexx
Content Warning: drabbles, slash, mentions of canon character death, slightly au, crossover, angst
Spoilers: "Lost Son", "One of Our Own", "No Man's Land"/"Man Down" (missing scene), "Burned, Bang Bang, Your Debt" (missing Scene), and "Sunblock" (missing scene).
Summary/Authors Notes: I foolishly posted a challenge on my website and both my insane, cruel, Beta Dragon and my favorite EVIL fan Raingoddess decided to answer it to get drabbles, here they are (though one goes waaayy beyond a drabble, in fact it is a short story). Each presented me with a prompt and a pairing and this is what I gave them.

Addiction – DragonCollapse )

Horatio/Eric – raingoddessCollapse )

Forgiven (Ryan/Horatio) - DragonCollapse )

Poke (Eric/Hawkes) - RaingoddessCollapse )

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